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My name is Andrea de Wet, and I studied my B. Cur (Nursing Science) at the University of Port Elizabeth (1992 – 1995). I followed up my degree working at a private hospital in Port Elizabeth before moving into the Pharmaceutical Industry, where I remained for a number of years until my husband and I relocated to Gauteng in 2004.

Although a Registered nurse by profession, with many years in the Maternity, Post Natal and Nursery units of the hospital, we were very unprepared when our eldest daughter arrived in 2002. We coped, as we all do (colic and all) and soon settled down into parenting as if she had been there forever.

Early 2004, I fell pregnant with our twin girls. This came as a big shock, as we were in the process of relocating to Gauteng (my husband had been transferred with work). Two weeks after the little girls were born, we arrived and settled down in Midrand/Centurion, Gauteng.

I have loved every minute of being a mommy and even living in “scary” Gauteng, which I initially thought may kill me if three kids under 2 didn’t kill me first!!!

My Husband (Alastair) and I are very passionate about Godly parenting and have had the honour of being involved in Christian Parenting Courses over the past 10 years. These courses have been instrumental in shaping us and our children’s lives and we love sharing these principals with like-minded couples!

Compared to when our parents were young, we have a disadvantage with all the media hype and the many “well meaning” people trying to help and offer advice. Mostly, what a new mom needs is confidence in herself and a good old dose of common sense…something we all have, we just need to find it within ourselves!

I have many dreams as I’m sure we all have: one of those dreams was to open up a baby clinic to help new moms transition into parenting, more comfortably and as “well informed” as possible and the other, was to help reach the “child headed homes” in our rural areas by providing immunizations and Health awareness to the many families represented there, in my free time. I am excited to say that this dream is coming to pass!

So, welcome to Baby Guardian Vaccination Clinic website, may you be inspired by it to reach your community in some way too!

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